The second X-Files movie was supposed to be made right after the TV series ended in 2002. But a lawsuit between Chris Carter and the studio scuttled that plan, and kept the film from happening for another six years. 

By the time the movie went ahead, the studio’s faith in the movie seemed uncertain. They gave us a budget less than half that of the first movie, and told us they wanted a monster-of-the-week type story, not an alien conspiracy thriller like the first one.

We tried to give the studio what they asked for, but in the end it didn’t seem to be the movie either they or most audiences wanted. It was released with virtually no promotion in the midst of summer blockbuster season, and nearly killed The X-Files franchise.

Loyal fans of the series, led by the crew at X-Files News, would campaign for the show’s return for eight years before they finally got their wish, with The X-Files Season 10 on television. I supported their efforts as best I could, but by the time the show came back, I was living in London and fully occupied with the first season of my own series, The Man in the High Castle.


Directed by: Chris Carter
Written by: Chris Carter and Frank Spotnitz