I came to London to make Hunted, but no sooner had I arrived than I learned the series had been un-greenlit by its original broadcaster, Sky. That was because Sky had decided instead to renew a series called Strike Back for a second season.

While waiting to see whether the BBC would pick up Hunted (which they ultimately did, some six months later), I got a call asking if I would be interested in writing for… Strike Back.

I bore no hard feelings for the fact that Strike Back had inadvertently bumped my own show and accepted the job of helping to bring the show back for a second season. In it, the lead character, played by Richard Armitage, had to be written out and two new characters, played by Phillip Winchester and Sullivan Stapleton, created to take his place.

I had never written anything that was meant to be such flat-out fun before, and had a ball doing it. I was then asked to write two more episodes, and happily obliged. But then the Hunted writers room was due to start, and I bid an early farewell to Strike Back.

One postscript: Strike Back was a co-production between Sky and Cinemax. Because Cinemax was pleased with my work on Strike Back, they ended up coming aboard Hunted as the BBC’s broadcast partner.



  • RTS Craft & Design Award - Best Special Effects -2011